Foot stool makeover: From frumpy to fun!


Jbug’s grandma gave her a cute little table with 4 wooden chairs. I am planning to repaint it eventually once I get some time. Jbug loves for us to sit at the table with her. The problem is the chairs are not that sturdy for adult use and are not made for the size of adult rears. She insisted I sit in one and the next thing I know I was falling backward. I hit my head on the wall and hurt my hand plus broke the leg of the chair. To prevent an encore performance I went looking for an alternative seat for us adults. In the basement I found a little footstool I had purchased at a garage sale for a quarter. It wasn’t that cute but was sturdy and more comfortable for people over 2 feet tall.


I figured I would try to find another little stool so we could have one for both Greg and myself. I never expected to find an exact match but luckily did. It cost 20 times more than the original cost me making it a whopping 5 bucks. I told the guy at the antique store how over priced it was from its twin I had at home but he stuck strong to the $5 price.

footstool makeover

These were really easy to upholster. The top actually opens and has storage inside. I removed the top and stapled on my new fabric. Then I spray painted the bottom using Valspar’s Thistle Field. Once it was dry I reattached the top.  I can’t believe how much difference a cute fabric and some spray paint made.  Now I just need to get the rest of the table and chairs redone!


4 thoughts on “Foot stool makeover: From frumpy to fun!

  1. So cute! I think Melanie and I had a table and chairs just like that! I remember the cutout hearts!! Can’t wait to see it all when it’s finished.

    • That is funny, old furniture seems to hang around longer than all the new plastic stuff.It looks worse in person that in photos. The paint is chipping and wasn’t done well to begin with. I’m thinking of keeping it the off white color and color dipping the legs pink and maybe making cushions for the chairs. We will see!

  2. The footstools look so cute! You did a beautiful job! I am so sorry you fell and hurt yourself on the little chair! Now I can sit at the table with her and play, too! Are you going to keep the other two chairs in her playroom, too?

    • We will probably keep them downstairs unless her friends are over and need more seating. There is plenty in the playroom right now.

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