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The first time I saw our porch I knew I wanted to put outdoor curtains around it. I love the breezy, vacation feel they give a porch. I did not however think about how windy it is around here. They seriously just put up a sign on the interstate which reads, “Gusty Winds Next 8 miles”. It took me about 3 years to finally figure out the best hanging method for my curtains so I will share it with you. Here is how I keep my outdoor curtains from blowing away here in Tornado Alley.

The Curtains
I will start with the curtains. Our porch is 10 feet high so I had to sew them myself because most don’t come in that length. I bought marine canvas off ebay for around $5 a yard. This is the 4th year I have had them up and they have no tears and are in good shape. I take them down in the fall, wash them and store them with the patio furniture until spring. The first 3 years I used metal curtain rings to hang them. Each year I had to replace some of them and some had rusted and left small rust spots behind. This year I decided to add tabs from outdoor fabric. I like the look much better so hopefully they will hold up well.


Hanging the Curtains
I first hung my curtains by stretching a cable through eye screws we put on the frame of the porch. The problem with this was it was really hard to get the cable tight and it always sagged in the middle. The curtains would slide to the middle instead of staying where we put them.


Tightening the line and hanging the curtains was also a pain. It usually took me about 30 minutes or more of balancing on a ladder to get them up every year. Next, I decided to give conduit pipe a try. They are cheap and pretty sturdy. The short side of the porch is the perfect length for one pipe so I just drilled a hole in each end, threaded a spring link through and hung it from my already existing eye screws on the side of the porch.


For the long side, I used 2 sizes of conduit pipes and just placed the smaller one inside the larger. We can hang all the curtains within 5 minutes. It is sooo much easier plus it looks much nicer than the cable and no sag. Win, win, win!

Keeping the curtains from flying away

I discovered pretty quickly why many homes don’t have outdoor curtains around here. They fly all over the place. My first attempt to fix this was to weight the bottoms. I sewed twill ties spaced out along the bottom and tied washers on. I tied them on so they can be removed and the curtains washed. Unfortunately, the washers weren’t heavy enough to beat the breeze. Next, I strung a cable through the washers and used camping stakes to hold each end down.

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This worked better but the stakes would still get pulled out occasionally. Then I spotted the dog tie out in the garage.

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I picked up a few more and they worked perfectly. They stay firmly in the ground all summer and have yet to be pulled out. I do tie our curtains to the posts when storms are coming.

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I love our curtains. They give a little bit of a vacation feel to the porch plus add privacy and shade from the afternoon sun. So what do you think? Would you go to all this trouble for outdoor curtains?

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23 thoughts on “No Blow DIY Outdoor Curtains

  1. I need your help on outdoor porch spaces, yours look great. We actually have a nice porch that could be a lot cuter with some time investment. I’ll probably just wait until we move though at this point.

    • I can definitely help you! You may want to start checking out outdoor furniture and accessories now though, they are all going on clearance now. I need to pick up some globe string lights before they are gone.

  2. We just bought curtains for our porch and then I remembered how windy our area can be. I was really struggling with how to enjoy them. Thank you so much for your post. I will be installing them and the tie towns tomorrow.

  3. I use microfiber shower curtains on my porch. The curtains hang between posts on adjustable length closet rods. I sewed a tube hem on the bottom of each panel where I can insert an old rubber hose. No clang ,bang when the wind blows and the hose pulls out easily when storm is coming so the panels can be tied to a post.

  4. Ok, I’m doing this today. I always come out and find the drapes, “draped” over my chairs or the countertops. Funniest thing. I HAVE THE SAME PATIO FURNITURE AND TABLE. Love it.

  5. Looks nice!! This month i made a 12×10 pvc frame over my deck to hang curtains. I am also in a windy location!! At first i bought shower curtains they flew like a kite! So scratch that! I then saw how people used painters dropcloth as curtains. Since grommets refused to go into the curtain i just made holes in the seam and stuck zip ties in to hold on the poles. Does not look bad!! I tie them to the poles with twine works well and to avoid blowing i place a 6 inch brick on the bottom of the curtain and cover bricks with excess curtain as they are long enough. Very peaceful and private! Their are so many ways i can put the curtains lots of fun too. 😉

    • The hanging balls are mesh hanging candle holders. I believe they were from pier1 or gordmans. I took out the round part you put the candle in since candles won’t stay lit on our porch. I then took solar lights from dollar tree, the kind on stakes, removed the stake and wired the light onto the mesh ball. I then connected the chain where the solar light was since the ball was now hanging upside down. So they are solar pendant lights. I’m actually surprised because they are still working this year after sitting in the basement all winter. I thought for sure I would need to pick up some replacements this year. I’m not sure where you could find these now but you could probably convert any type of hanging candle holder.

  6. Hello, I am so happy that stumbled onto your blog. Can you tell me what color the canvas is? White, Natural or Beige?

  7. Great idea! I want shade and to be able to ‘see’ through the curtains when they are closed so I’m thinking of making mine out of colored shade cloth. Any comments, suggestions?

  8. Hi there!

    I love love love all your suggestions for outdoor curtains. My patio is 5 feet off the ground, do you have any suggestions as to what I could do or use as a tie down instead of a dog tie out? I have no problem attaching something tasteful to the floor decking or the corner posts.


    • Maybe you could attach a pipe similar to what is used to hang the curtains on the side of the bottom
      Of the deck. Then put grommets on the bottom of the curtains.

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